Ski helmets are becoming an increasing sight on the slopes and people are starting to view them as crucial as ski jackets and gloves…but they are not compulsory or could they be? Some insurance companies are starting to take the view that if customers ski without suitable head protection they could run the risk of invalidating their policy. Some companies have even started to offer a lower premium for skiers wearing helmets. Whilst a helmet does not reduce all sports injuries, but it does reduce the risk of potentially fatal head injuries.

Things to add to your to do list before you go skiing – check your insurance policy and make sure you are covered appropriately.

Remember, while ski hire shops offer helmets for children, not all ski hire shops offer helmet hire for adults. If you don’t own one, we recommend you check before you travel that they will be available for you.

Forget those woolly hats and invest in a good helmet, the best you can afford, it might safe your life.