Snow Fall in the UK

It is currently snowing at Ski Bespoke HQ and it has been all day! With more forecast for this evening and into tomorrow, we are all thinking of skiing, but for the rest of the country a small amount of snow leads to chaos and panic.

Here are some interesting snow facts too – enjoy!

1) Shops across the country are stripped of essential items as panic buying sets in due to the white stuff falling from the sky.

2)  If you have to take a train when it snows, you may as well start off assuming it will not be working. So now is the time to tell your better half or your boss that you will be late.

3) Apparently, one in five people take the day off when snowfall is heavy.

4) Chionophobia is a fear of snow.

5) The heaviest snowfall in the UK was in 1695. London saw snow for five weeks straight – and the Thames froze over. The snow didn’t fully clear till mid-April!

6) In 1864 the Thames froze for even longer. It was solid for two months as average January temperatures dipped to -3 degrees Celsius.

7) Over 100,000 tonnes of girt or rock salt is laid across London when snow is expected. This is done to stop it freezing over, and crucially to stop you falling over, or your car skidding over the edge.


Chi snow110313

 Current snowfall outside the HQ!